Pivot table for Python PivotData Microservice Documentation

Pivot table for Python

Pandas pivot_table is great for hardcoded pivot tables - but sometimes that's not enough when you need advanced pivot tables that offer experience similar to Excel PivotTable. Once more typical functionality is end-user pivot tables builder (like this) that can work with direct connection to SQL/NoSql database (ROLAP), and for these cases there is a better solution than pandas pivot.

Interactive web pivot tables may be easily added to any Python application with the following steps:

  1. Deploy PivotData microservice to your server (Linux is ok!) and configure your cube(s) in appsettings.json
  2. For pre-configured reports: use microservice's web API from your web pages or Python code (using requests or PycURL library)
  3. For web pivot tables builder: integrate HTML/JS code from index.html (shipped in PivotData microservice package)

What is next:

  • secure access to microservice web API with JWT
  • provide cubes config dynamically with an URL that is served by your main Python app. In this way you can implement access control individually for each user.