.NET Reusable Components

business intelligence & reporting
  • NReco PivotData Toolkit

    NET6/NET8/.NET Core ASP.NET MVC/Blazor .NET 4.5+
    .NET SDK for data aggregation and advanced pivot table reports generation. Implements in-memory data cube, OLAP-operations, pivot table HTML rendering and exports. Includes web pivot table builder (js frontend). Can be used for creating embedded BI dashboards.

  • PivotData Microservice

    NET8 app On-premise API server For any web app
    Microservice NET8 app (web API) for embedded analytics & reporting functionality. JSON-configurable data connectors for SQL/MongoDB/ElasticSearch/SSAS data sources. Includes web pivot tables & charts builder (js frontend example). Reports may be exported to HTML, JSON, CSV, Excel, PDF, Image.

  • Javascript Pivot Table

    Javascript JQuery Plugin ASP.NET MVC Core (NET8)
    Advanced features for pivot.js jQuery plugin: sort by values/labels, fixed headers, pivot table data for exports, drill-down event. ASP.NET MVC Core integration (optional): UI builder for report SQL query, exports to CSV/Excel/PDF.

  • Javascript Query Builder

    Javascript JQuery Plugin ASP.NET MVC Core (NET8)
    NReco Query Builder is a javascript widget for building complex data filters. ASP.NET MVC Core integration provides backend that translates UI widget state into SQL query conditions.

file format .NET APIs
  • HTML-to-PDF Generator

    NET6/NET8/.NET Core .NET Framework 4.5+
    WkHtmlToPdf .NET wrapper that performs HTML-to-PDF conversion. Supports page header/footer, page numbering etc.

  • HTML-to-Image Generator

    NET6/NET8/.NET Core .NET Framework 4.5+
    WkHtmlToImage .NET wrapper that performs HTML-to-image conversion (jpg/png). Can be used for getting web page thumbnail.

  • PDF-to-Image Renderer

    NET6/NET8/.NET Core .NET Framework 4.5+
    .NET wrapper for poppler tools that converts PDF pages to images or text (ASP.NET PDF viewer, PDF thumbnails, extract PDF text/images).

  • PhantomJS .NET Wrapper

    NET6/NET8/.NET Core .NET Framework 4.0+
    NReco.PhantomJS is a .NET wrapper for running PhantomJS from C#/.NET code (headless WebKit browser).

  • VideoConverter | VideoInfo

    NET6/NET8/.NET Core .NET Framework 4.5+
    FFMpeg .NET wrapper for converting media files (video, audio). Can extract video thumbnails, transcode/decode live media streams, encode video from images etc.

  • Fast CSV parser

    NET6/NET8/.NET Core .NET 4.5+ Free / open source
    Lightweight and ultra-fast .NET CSV parser: implements CSV stream reader and writer. Memory efficient: uses only one single circular buffe (no allocations in heap). Suitable for CSVs of any size (many GBs).

data access & processing
  • GraphQL API for SQL DB

    NET6/NET8/.NET Core .NET Framework 4.5+
    Simplifies creation of GraphQL API for existing SQL database: engine that translates GraphQL queries to SQL, can generate GraphQL schema by database schema.

  • Natural Language Query

    NET6/NET8/.NET Core .NET Framework 4.5+
    NLQuery performs rule-based named entity recognition (NER) Can be used for natural language interfaces in .NET applications (smart data list filters, search-driven reporting etc).

  • Recommendation Engine

    NET6/NET8/.NET Core .NET Framework 4.5+
    Fast collaborative filtering engine (C# port of Apache Mahout CF) that takes users' behaviour and from that tries to find items users might like.

  • NReco Data Access library

    NET6/NET8/.NET Core .NET 4.5+ Free / open source
    High-performance schema-less data access library for .NET and .NET Core. Can be used with any ADO.NET provider.

  • User-entered Expressions Evaluator

    NET6/NET8/.NET Core .NET 4.5+ Free / open source
    Runtime parser for string expressions (formulas, method calls, properties/fields/arrays accessors). LambdaParser builds dynamic LINQ expression tree and compiles it to the lambda delegate. Types are resolved at run-time like in dynamic languages.

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