Video Information for .NET C# FFProbe wrapper


  • Based on FFProbe tool: supports almost all known video and audio formats (mp4,mp3,wav,avi,flv,mov,mkv and many others)
  • Generic format information: video duration, format name, bitrate, custom tags
  • Media streams information:
    • codec name
    • video frame size (width and height)
    • video frame rate
    • video pixel format
    • stream tags (video orientation, creation time, language etc)
  • Simple information access with MediaInfo properties; other values can be accessed with XPath selectors
  • Easy to use .NET library for getting media information: all you need is one assembly (FFProbe is embedded)
  • Usage examples (C#):
    • Get video format, frame size, codec info, tags
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NReco VideoInfo is a .NET wrapper for FFProbe tool: it analyses media stream and returns detailed information about video format, frame size, duration.

how to use

  1. Add reference to NReco.VideoInfo nuget package
    (NReco.VideoInfo.LT in case of .NET Core)
  2. var ffProbe = new NReco.VideoInfo.FFProbe();
    var videoInfo = ffProbe.GetMediaInfo(pathToVideoFile);
  3. That's all! See also:
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try it online

Note: video upload may take some time (up to minute).
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frequently asked questions

VideoInfo can be used for FREE in single-deployment projects (like websites) or applications for company's internal business purposes (redistributed only internally inside the company).

Commercial license (included into enterprise pack) is required for:
  • Applications for external redistribution (ISV)
  • SaaS deployments
NReco.VideoInfo internally uses FFProbe tool which is based on FFMpeg library; FFMpeg supports almost all known video and audio formats.
Every GetMediaInfo call executes FFProbe in the separate process; this means that component will not work in environments where starting processes with System.Diagnostics.Process is prohibited: partial-trust shared ASP.NET hostings, Azure Apps with 'free' or 'shared' plan.

Component works fine with Azure VM, Azure WebJobs, Azure Service Fabric, Azure Apps (VM-based plans: 'basic' or higher).
Both .NET 2.0 and 4.0 runtimes are supported.
Mono and .NET Core are supported with NReco.VideoInfo.LT.

what's new

2018 Jun 12 Version 1.1.1 changes:
  • ffprobe updated to 4.0
2018 Jan 19 Version 1.1.0 changes:
  • ffprobe updated to 3.4.1
  • in ASP.NET apps ffprobe is extracted to 'App_Data' instead of 'bin' folder to prevent app restart
2017 Mar 09 Added LT version (without embedded ffprobe binaries) that can be used with .NET Core and non-Windows environment.
2015 Aug 08 Initial VideoInfo component release v.1.0.0

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