Javascript Query Builder jQuery plugin for building ad-hoc queries

features query builder widget

  • provides user-friendly UI for building complex filters, ad-hoc SQL database queries, user-defined conditions.
  • can be easily integrated into any web application
  • outputs simple JSON structure that can be easily parsed on the server-side and translated into SQL query or MongoDb filter.
  • built-in editors: textbox, dropdownlist, datepicker. Can be easily extended with custom editors.
  • easy to extend and support: simple JS code, only dependency is jQuery.
  • free and open source: MIT license.

examples typical usage scenarios

  • Basic:
    • how to configure condition builder for specific fields
    • how to get state (JSON structure) and set state
    • use custom editor
  • ASP.NET server-side integration (MVC, MVC Core, WebForms):
    • parse JSON state on the server-side and translate it to the SQL query with NReco.Data library.
    • parse JSON state on the server-side and translate it to MongoDb filter

download and pricing

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NReco ConditionBuilder can be used for configuring complex user-defined queries.

how to use

var $builderElem = $('#queryBuilder'); //div
  // fields metadata
  fields : [
      name: 'company',
      caption: 'Company',
      renderer: { name: 'textbox' },
      conditions: [{ text: 'like', value: 'like' }]
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query builder demo

Get query state JSON

more components

  • PivotData Toolkit for .NET

    .NET components for manipulating multidimensional dataset (in-memory data cube) without OLAP server, aggregating huge datasets, calculating data for pivot table / chart reports, ASP.NET pivot table builder control.

  • PivotData REST Service

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