GraphQL API for SQL DB .NET graphql-to-database backend


  • graphql schema is automatically generated by existing SQL database and always remains up-to-date! Tables and columns names may be customized/excluded from API with simple configuration.
  • graphql query is converted to several SQL queries and executed efficiently with NReco.Data library.
  • supports SQL Server, Mysql, PostgreSQL
  • extremely easy to use: you can setup graphql backend to database with several lines of C# code.
  • both .NET Framework 4.5+ and .NET Core are supported.
  • GraphQL backend may be deployed as .NET Core microservice (can be hosted on Linux).
Currently we're working on the first version of NReco GraphQL library.
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more components

  • NReco Data Access library

    High-performance schema-less data access library for .NET and .NET Core. Can be used with any ADO.NET provider (SQL Server, Mysql, PostgreSQL, SQLite etc).

  • PivotData Microservice

    .NET Core app that provides web API for PivotData Toolkit functionality: create pivot tables & charts by SQL/MongoDb databases, export to JSON/CSV/Excel/PDF. Can be used as backend for web pivot table builder.