NReco.PivotData Namespace

NReco.PivotData Class Library Documentation
PivotData .NET SDK: fast multidimensional data aggregation library (C#/.NET) for manipulating in-memory data cube (merging/slicing/querying), building pivot table reports. SDK has 2 parts:
  • OLAP library (NReco.PivotData nuget package): provides API for creating in-memory data cube, data aggregation and measures calculations, OLAP operations.
  • Toolkit components (NReco.PivotData.Extensions nuget package): connectors to SQL/CSV/JSON data sources, pivot table exports (CSV, Excel, JSON, DataTable), HTML rendering and calculations/formatting functions (percentage, difference, running total, heatmap etc), factory components for dynamic pivot tables creation (for end-user web pivot table builder).
Input namespace contains components related to input data processing (data sources, ETL). Output namespace contains components for pivot table rendering and export (HTML, CSV, Excel, JSON, DataTable).

Public classAggregatorExtensions
Public classAggregatorFactoryConfiguration
Represents configuration used for constructing IAggregatorFactory instance by PivotDataFactory.
Public classAverageAggregator
Implements an average value aggregator.
Public classAverageAggregatorFactory
AverageAggregator factory component
Public classCollapsePivotTable
Pivot table wrapper that collapses all groups except ones that are explicitely expanded.
Public classCollapsePivotTableConfiguration
Defines configuration for CollapsePivotTable.
Public classCompositeAggregator
Implements a composite aggregator that incapsulates list of aggregators.
Public classCompositeAggregatorFactory
CompositeAggregator factory component.
Public classConvertHelper
Public classCountAggregator
Implements a counting aggregator.
Public classCountAggregatorFactory
CountAggregator factory component
Public classCountUniqueAggregator
Implements aggregator that counts only unique values.
Public classCountUniqueAggregatorFactory
CountUniqueAggregator factory component
Public classCubeKeywordFilter
Implements cube filter by list of keywords.
Public classCubeKeywordFilterFilterResults
Public classCustomSortKeyComparer
ValueKey comparer based on individual dimension comparers.
Public classDifferencePivotTable
Pivot table wrapper that calculates difference between values (by row or column).
Public classFixedPivotData
Fixed-size implementation of IPivotData that provides memory-efficient, thread-safe, read-only access to the PivotDataState.
Public classFormulaAggregator
Implements a formula aggregator calculated from other aggregators.
Public classFormulaAggregatorFactory
Factory for FormulaAggregator.
Public classHeatmapPivotTable
Pivot table wrapper that highlights max values.
Public classKey
Dimension key helper
Public classLicense
Public classLicenseLicenseInfo
Public classListAggregator
Implements aggregator that returns list of grouped source objects.
Public classListAggregatorFactory
ListAggregator factory component.
Public classListUniqueAggregator
Implements aggregator that returns sorted list of unique field values
Public classListUniqueAggregatorFactory
Factory class for ListUniqueAggregator
Public classMaxAggregator
Implements a maximum value aggregator
Public classMaxAggregatorFactory
MaxAggregator factory component
Public classMinAggregator
Implements a minimum value aggregator.
Public classMinAggregatorFactory
MinAggregator factory component
Public classModeAggregator
Implements a mode aggregator: calculates value that appears most often.
Public classCode exampleModeAggregatorFactory
ModeAggregator factory component.
Public classNaturalSortKeyComparer
Implements lexicographical comparison for any 2 objects (A-Z or Z-A).
Public classObjectMember
Provides fast access to the object's public member (property, field or indexer) by name.
Public classPaginatePivotTable
Pivot table wrapper for rows and columns pagination.
Public classPaginatePivotTablePage
Represents table segment (offset and limit).
Public classPercentagePivotTable
Pivot table wrapper that calculates percentage values (by grand total, row or column totals).
Public classPivotData
Implements generic dictionary-based in-memory high performance multidimensional dataset (OLAP cube).
Protected classPivotDataAllValuesCollection
Protected classPivotDataDataProcessor
Public classPivotDataConfiguration
Represents configuration used for constructing PivotData by PivotDataFactory.
Public classPivotDataExtensions
Public classPivotDataFactory
Factory component that creates PivotData instance by PivotDataConfiguration.
Public classPivotDataHelper
Utility routines for IPivotData implementations.
Public classPivotDataState
Represents compacted "raw" pivot data values for serialization
Public classPivotTable
Represents 2D Pivot Table view for multidimensional array (IPivotData).
Public classPivotTableConfiguration
Represents PivotTable configuration (used by PivotTableFactory).
Public classPivotTableConfigurationAxisKeysOrder
Public classPivotTableConfigurationAxisValuesOrder
Public classPivotTableFactory
Creates PivotTable instance by specifed PivotData and PivotTableConfiguration.
Public classPivotTableMD
Public classQuantileAggregator
Implements a quantile aggregator: calculates median or specified quantile value.
Public classQuantileAggregatorFactory
QuantileAggregator factory component
Public classRunningValuePivotTable
Pivot table wrapper that calculates running value by row or column.
Public classSliceQuery
Represents a query operation over specified IPivotData instance.
Public classCode exampleSortAsComparer
Comparer for custom keys order defined by explicit list.
Public classSumAggregator
Implements a sum aggregator
Public classSumAggregatorFactory
SumAggregator factory component
Public classTopPivotTable
Pivot table wrapper that limits table by top N rows or columns.
Public classTopPivotTableOtherKey
Represents special 'other' dimension key used in TopPivotTable for grouping rows/columns that exceed limit.
Public classValueKey
Represents key for a multidimensional value.
Public classVarianceAggregator
Implements a variance aggregator (calculates mean, variance, sample variance, standard deviation)
Public classVarianceAggregatorFactory
VarianceAggregator factory component

Public structurePivotTableValueContext
Represents pivot table value context for custom calculations in DifferencePivotTable and PercentagePivotTable.

Public interfaceCubeKeywordFilterIKeywordParseResult
Represents keyword parse result.
Public interfaceIAggregator
Represents measure aggregator.
Public interfaceIAggregatorFactory
Represents measure aggregator factory.
Public interfaceIPivotData
Represents an abstract mutlidimensional array.
Public interfaceIPivotDataSource
Public interfaceIPivotTable
Represents an abstract pivot table model.

Public enumerationCubeKeywordFilterHintConditionType
Public enumerationDifferencePivotTableDifferenceMode
Specifies the mode of a difference calculation.
Public enumerationHeatmapPivotTableHeatmapMode
Specifies heatmap highlighting mode.
Public enumerationPercentagePivotTablePercentageMode
Specifies the mode of a percentage calculation.
Public enumerationPivotTableConfigurationTableAxis
Public enumerationRunningValuePivotTableDirection
Specifies the direction of running value.
Public enumerationTopPivotTableTopMode
Specifies the mode of a top-N calculation.
Public enumerationVarianceAggregatorValueType