NReco.NLQuery.Matchers Namespace

NReco.NLQuery Class Library Documentation

Public classCompositeMatcher
Composition of several [!:IRecognizerState] implementations.
Public classDateMatch
Represents a results of the date match.
Public classDateMatcher
Generic date matcher.
Public classDateOffsetMatch
Represents a result of data offset match.
Public classExactPhraseMatcher
Matches exact phrase (all words in specified order).
Public classHintMatcherT
Implements 'hint'-style matching for pattern like '[column] [value]' or '[column]:[value]'.
Public classKeyMatchT
Represents generic match for specified key type.
Public classLikePhraseMatcher
Matches alike phrase (some words in any order).
Public classListContainsMatcher
Performs 'contains' matching by specified list of values.
Public classMatch
Represents a match which describes one or more tokens from original search query.
Public classMatchBag
Holds recognition context (state).
Public classMergePhraseMatcherT
Merges sequence of similar matches into one.
Public classNumberMatch
Represents a number match.
Public classNumberMatcher
Matches a number.
Public classStubMatch
StubMatch used to wrap unrecognized token(s).
Public classTokenFilterMatcher
IMatcher wrapper that filters tokens by predicate before passing to underlying matcher.

Public interfaceIMatcher
Represents matcher.

Public enumerationListContainsMatcherContainsType