HtmlToPdfConverter Properties

NReco.PdfGenerator Class Library Documentation

The HtmlToPdfConverter type exposes the following members.


Public propertyCustomWkHtmlArgs
Custom WkHtmlToPdf global options
Public propertyCustomWkHtmlCoverArgs
Custom WkHtmlToPdf cover options (applied only if cover content is specified)
Public propertyCustomWkHtmlPageArgs
Custom WkHtmlToPdf page options
Public propertyCustomWkHtmlTocArgs
Custom WkHtmlToPdf toc options (applied only if GenerateToc is true)
Public propertyExecutionTimeout
Get or set maximum execution time for PDF generation process (by default is null that means no timeout)
Public propertyGenerateToc
Gets or sets TOC generation flag
Public propertyGrayscale
Gets or sets option to generate grayscale PDF
Public propertyLicense
Component commercial license information.
Public propertyLowQuality
Gets or sets option to generate low quality PDF (shrink the result document space)
Public propertyMargins
Gets or sets PDF page margins (in mm)
Public propertyOrientation
Get or set PDF page orientation
Public propertyPageFooterHtml
Get or set custom page footer HTML
Public propertyPageHeaderHtml
Get or set custom page header HTML
Public propertyPageHeight
Gets or sets PDF page height (in mm)
Public propertyPageWidth
Gets or sets PDF page width (in mm)
Public propertyPdfToolPath
Get or set path where WkHtmlToPdf tool is located
Public propertyProcessPriority
Gets or sets wkhtmltopdf process priority (Normal by default)
Public propertyProcessProcessorAffinity
Gets or sets wkhtmltopdf processor affinity (bitmask that represents the processors that may be used by the process threads).
Public propertyQuiet
Suppress wkhtmltopdf debug/info log messages (by default is true)
Public propertySize
Get or set PDF page orientation
Public propertyTempFilesPath
Get or set location for temp files (if not specified location returned by GetTempPath is used for temp files)
Public propertyTocHeaderText
Gets or sets custom TOC header text (default: "Table of Contents")
Public propertyWkHtmlToPdfExeName
Get or set WkHtmlToPdf tool EXE file name ('wkhtmltopdf.exe' by default)
Public propertyZoom
Gets or sets zoom factor
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