NReco.PdfGenerator Namespace

NReco.PdfGenerator Class Library Documentation
HTML-to-PDF converter component for C# (.NET) based on WkHtmlToPdf utility. Generates pretty-looking PDF documents from .NET application by HTML-layout.

Public classHtmlToPdfConverter
Html to PDF converter component (C# WkHtmlToPdf process wrapper).
Public classLicense
Shared (application-wide) license for PdfGenerator.
Public classLicenseInfo
Represents PdfGenerator commercial license information.
Public classPageMargins
Represents PDF page margins (unit size is mm)
Public classWkHtmlInput
Represents one wkhtmltopdf input.
Public classWkHtmlToPdfException
The exception that is thrown when WkHtmlToPdf process retruns non-zero error exit code

Public enumerationPageOrientation
PDF page orientation
Public enumerationPageSize
PDF page size