NReco.NLQuery Namespace

NReco.NLQuery Class Library Documentation
NReco.NLQuery library: natural language query parser recognizes named entities in context of structured data (like database). Recognition results may be used for generating formal query(ies) against the data source. Can be used for building search-like natural language interface to SQL database, OLAP cube, custom semantic search.

Public classLicense
Verifies a license key (without a key library operates in TRIAL mode).
Public classLicenseLicenseInfo
Holds information about the license.
Public classNGramGenerator
Generate n-grams by sequense of elements (tokens).
Public classRecognizer
Recognizes a search query represented by TokenSequence with specified list of IMatchers.
Public classToken
Represents a token (simplest element of the natural language query).
Public classTokenizer
Tokenizer parses input search query string into tokens sequence.
Public classTokenSequence
Represents the sequence of tokens (parsed search query).
Public classTopSetT
Represents a collection that holds only top N elements.

Public enumerationTokenType
Token types that can be parsed by Tokenizer.