GenericUserPreferenceArray ClassNReco.Recommender Class Library
Like GenericItemPreferenceArray but stores preferences for one user (all user IDs the same) rather than one item.

This implementation maintains two parallel arrays, of item IDs and values. The idea is to save allocating IPreference objects themselves. This saves the overhead of IPreference objects but also duplicating the user ID value.

Inheritance Hierarchy

System Object
  NReco.CF.Taste.Impl.Model GenericUserPreferenceArray

Namespace: NReco.CF.Taste.Impl.Model
Assembly: NReco.Recommender (in NReco.Recommender.dll) Version: (

public sealed class GenericUserPreferenceArray : IPreferenceArray, 
	IEnumerable<IPreference>, IEnumerable

The GenericUserPreferenceArray type exposes the following members.


Public methodGenericUserPreferenceArray(Int32)
Initializes a new instance of the GenericUserPreferenceArray class
Public methodGenericUserPreferenceArray(IList IPreference )
Initializes a new instance of the GenericUserPreferenceArray class

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Public methodGetItemID
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Public methodGetUserID
Public methodGetValue
Public methodHasPrefWithItemID
Public methodHasPrefWithUserID
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Public methodSetItemID
Public methodSetUserID
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Public methodSortByUser
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Public methodSortByValueReversed
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