TopPivotTable Properties

NReco.PivotData Class Library Documentation

The TopPivotTable type exposes the following members.


Public propertyColumnKeys
Public propertyColumnOtherKey
Special 'other' key used for column dimensions.
Public propertyColumns
Public propertyColumnTopMode
Determines top-N calculation mode: first N columns (default) or last N columns.
Public propertyIncludeOtherGroups
Gets or sets flag that determines whether to include into pivot table rows/columns that exceed limits as 'other' groups (true by default).
Public propertyPivotData
Public propertyRowKeys
Public propertyRowOtherKey
Special 'other' key used for row dimensions.
Public propertyRows
Public propertyRowTopMode
Determines top-N calculation mode: first N rows (default) or last N rows.
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