PivotData Properties

NReco.PivotData Class Library Documentation

The PivotData type exposes the following members.


Public propertyAggregatorFactory
Gets IAggregatorFactory instance used for creating measure value aggregators.
Public propertyAllValues
Get all datapoints (dim keys -> aggregator pairs) contained in the PivotData (including totals).
Public propertyCount
Gets the number of unique data point of this multidimensional dataset (calculated data points like totals are not included).
Public propertyDimensions
Gets dimension identifiers of the multidimensional dataset.
Public propertyItemObject
Gets aggegator by specified dimensions keys
Public propertyItemValueKey
Gets value by specified multidimensional key.
Public propertyLazyAdd
Determines behaviour when non-existing key is accessed (true by default).
Public propertyLazyTotals
Determines totals calculation mode. Lazy means that all totals/sub-totals are calculated on first use; otherwise totals/sub-totals are calculated on-the-fly.
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