NReco.PivotData.Input Namespace

NReco.PivotData Class Library Documentation
Source components are input data connectors for SQL/CSV/JSON; they can be used with SourceReader class or directly with PivotData.ProcessData. GroupedSourceReader is used when PivotData should be loaded with already aggregated data (for example, result of SQL GROUP BY query). CubeFileReader loads serialized data cube from file.

Public classCsvConfiguration
Represents CSV options for CsvSource.
Public classCsvSource
Provides input data for PivotData from CSV stream.
Public classCsvSourceCsvRecord
Public classCubeFileReader
Implements reader that loads IPivotData from files (pair of .cfg and .dat) previously created by [!:CubeFileWriter].
Public classDbCommandSource
Provides input data for PivotData from data reader of the specified ADO.NET IDbCommand instance.
Public classDerivedValueSource
Derived values wrapper for another IPivotDataSource.
Public classGroupedSourceReader
GroupedSourceReader populates PivotData with pre-aggregated values provided by underlying IPivotDataSource.
Public classGroupedSourceReaderArrayAggregatorStateComposer
Composes array-based aggregator state object.
Protected classGroupedSourceReaderLoadStateFromSource
Public classGroupedSourceReaderSingleAggregatorStateComposer
Composes single-valued aggregator state object.
Public classCode exampleJsonSource
Provides input data for PivotData from JSON stream.
Public classSourceReader
Generic source reader implementation that aggregates data provided by specified IPivotDataSource

Public interfaceGroupedSourceReaderIAggregatorStateComposer
Represents component that composes aggregator state object for GroupedSourceReader.