NReco MDD framework for ASP.NET .NET reusable components

NReco Framework is a production-ready technology for truly rapid development of ASP.NET business apps like intranets/extranets, custom business process automations, content management systems.
With NReco Framework you can get first fully-functional prototype of your application (with business entities, CRUD UI lists and forms, user accounts) in minutes!

Why use NReco Framework?

  • rapid prototyping for business web apps: with NReco it is faster to get working prototype than writing technical specification.
  • reduced development time (up to 10x) of typical business apps UI and functionality (lists, filters, forms, dialogs, business actions, users, roles etc).
  • model-driven and component-based architecture enables effective reuse process for long-running enterprise projects or between similar NReco-based projects. NReco offers incredible value-for-money.
With NReco you can build web applications for internal business purposes very quickly and inexpensively; it is suitable both for small web projects and complex cloud solutions.

Cross-project reuse and product lines development

NReco Framework was specially designed for cost-effective code/configuration reuse between similar projects. It is ideal for products that might have customized installations.

Free and open source

NReco Framework components are free and open-source (licensed under LGPL).

Comprehensive non-obstructive solution

NReco Framework is built on the top of Microsoft ASP.NET platform; full power of .NET Framework (WebForms, MVC, WCF/WebAPI) is available for your web applications. NReco MDD approach hides the complexity of underlying technologies and makes their usage much simpler.

Lego-like construction

With NReco XML models it's possible to construct fully-functional web application in a hours like a Lego model. Complex application aspects (change data capture (CDC), permissions, logging, indexing, long-running operations) could be as simple as writing several XML files!

On-demand development

NReco Framework offers app architecture that is optimal for doing outsourcing business. Projects built with NReco may grow up for years and remain maintainable and supportable without expensive redevelopment activities.

Stable and time-proven

Since 2009 was used in more than 50 projects; NReco is very effective for projects with very limited budgets and unstructured/changable requirements: business process management apps, apps for internal business purposes etc.

  • PDF Generator | Image Generator

    .NET 2.0 .NET 4.0 Mono .NET Core
    .NET wrappers for WkHtmlToPdf/WkHtmlToImage: generate PDF/image by HTML, render web page to PDF/image.

  • PhantomJS .NET Wrapper

    .NET 4.0 Mono .NET Core
    NReco.PhantomJS is a .NET wrapper for running PhantomJS from C#/.NET code (headless WebKit browser).

  • VideoConverter | VideoInfo

    .NET 2.0 .NET 4.0 Mono .NET Core
    FFMpeg .NET wrapper for converting media files (video, audio). Can extract video thumbnails, transcode/decode live media streams, encode video from images etc.

  • PivotData Toolkit | PivotData REST Service

    .NET 4.0 Mono .NET Core Console utility REST Service
    .NET library for data aggregation and pivot table reports generation. Implements in-memory data cube, OLAP-operations, web pivot table builder for creating reports by end-users.

  • Javascript Web Pivot Table for ASP.NET

    Javascript JQuery Plugin ASP.NET MVC
    Advanced features for pivot.js component: sort by values/labels, fixed headers, pivot table data for exports, drill-down event. ASP.NET MVC integration: UI builder for report SQL query, export to CSV/ExcelPDF.

  • Recommendation Engine

    .NET 4.0 .NET Core
    Fast collaborative filtering engine that takes users' behaviour and from that tries to find items users might like.

  • Natural Language Query Parser

    .NET 4.0 .NET Core
    NLQuery parses search-based queries and performs named entity recognition (NER) in context of the structured data source (database, OLAP cube). Recognition results may be used for generating formal data query (like SQL) and providing natural language interface in .NET applications.

  • NReco Data

    .NET 4.5 .NET Core
    Lightweight provider-independent data access library for .NET: abstract db-agnostic queries, SQL-commands generator (supports batch inserts/updates), CRUD-operations, RecordSet model, application-level dataviews, simple object mapper. Can be used with any ADO.NET provider.

  • Database EAV Storage

    .NET 4.0 ASP.NET WCF REST Service
    Provides .NET API for accessing SQL-based dynamic EAV (entity-attribute-value) data model described by OWL-compatible ontology. Useful in applications with dynamic data schema (reporting data marts, apps with user-defined tables or fields etc).

Interested in NReco Framework but don't have developers yet?
Professional outsourcing team can develop NReco-based application for you.

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