NReco Framework Model Driven Development for ASP.NET business apps

NReco Framework is based on classic technologies (ASP.NET WebForms, XML, Bootstrap). Typical functionality (data models, lists, forms) is defined declaratively with XML-models. Fully-functional first scetch can be composed with online NReco app builder within minutes.

Nowdays NReco Framework is still can be used for prototyping business applications, but its codebase is freezed.
Important notice: you don't need to use this framework if you just want to use one of the NReco components.

Why use NReco Framework?

  • rapid prototyping for business web apps: with NReco it is faster to get working prototype than writing technical specification.
  • reduced development time (up to 10x) of typical business apps UI and functionality (lists, filters, forms, dialogs, business actions, users, roles etc).
With NReco you can build web applications for internal business purposes very quickly and inexpensively; it is suitable both for small web projects and complex cloud solutions.

Cross-project reuse and product lines development

NReco Framework was specially designed for cost-effective code/configuration reuse between similar projects. It is ideal for products that might have customized installations.

Comprehensive non-obstructive solution

NReco Framework is built on the top of Microsoft ASP.NET platform; full power of .NET Framework (WebForms, MVC, WCF/WebAPI) is available for your web applications. NReco MDD approach hides the complexity of underlying technologies and makes their usage much simpler.

Free and open source

NReco Framework components are free and open-source (licensed under LGPL).

Lego-like construction

With NReco XML models it's possible to construct fully-functional web application in a hours like a Lego model. Complex application aspects (change data capture (CDC), permissions, logging, indexing, long-running operations) could be as simple as writing several XML files!

On-demand development

NReco Framework offers app architecture that is optimal for doing outsourcing business. Projects built with NReco may grow up for years and remain maintainable and supportable without expensive redevelopment activities.

Stable and time-proven

Since 2009 was used in more than 50 projects; NReco is very effective for projects with very limited budgets and unstructured/changable requirements: business process management apps, apps for internal business purposes etc.
Interested in NReco Framework but don't have developers yet?
Professional outsourcing team can develop NReco-based application for you.

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