SVDPlusPlusFactorizer ClassNReco.Recommender Class Library
SVD++, an enhancement of classical matrix factorization for rating prediction. Additionally to using ratings (how did people rate?) for learning, this model also takes into account who rated what. Yehuda Koren: Factorization Meets the Neighborhood: a Multifaceted Collaborative Filtering Model, KDD 2008.
Inheritance Hierarchy

System Object
  NReco.CF.Taste.Impl.Recommender.SVD AbstractFactorizer
    NReco.CF.Taste.Impl.Recommender.SVD RatingSGDFactorizer
      NReco.CF.Taste.Impl.Recommender.SVD SVDPlusPlusFactorizer

Namespace: NReco.CF.Taste.Impl.Recommender.SVD
Assembly: NReco.Recommender (in NReco.Recommender.dll) Version: (

public sealed class SVDPlusPlusFactorizer : RatingSGDFactorizer

The SVDPlusPlusFactorizer type exposes the following members.


Public methodSVDPlusPlusFactorizer(IDataModel, Int32, Int32)
Initializes a new instance of the SVDPlusPlusFactorizer class
Public methodSVDPlusPlusFactorizer(IDataModel, Int32, Double, Double, Double, Int32, Double)
Initializes a new instance of the SVDPlusPlusFactorizer class

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Public methodFactorize (Overrides RatingSGDFactorizer Factorize .)
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Public methodRefresh (Inherited from AbstractFactorizer.)
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