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This IDataModel decorator class is useful in a situation where you wish to recommend to a user that doesn't really exist yet in your actual IDataModel. For example maybe you wish to recommend DVDs to a user who has browsed a few titles on your DVD store site, but, the user is not yet registered.

This enables you to temporarily add a temporary user to an existing IDataModel in a way that recommenders can then produce recommendations anyway.

Inheritance Hierarchy

System Object
  NReco.CF.Taste.Impl.Model PlusAnonymousUserDataModel
    NReco.CF.Taste.Impl.Model PlusAnonymousConcurrentUserDataModel

Namespace: NReco.CF.Taste.Impl.Model
Assembly: NReco.Recommender (in NReco.Recommender.dll) Version: (

public class PlusAnonymousUserDataModel : IDataModel, 

The PlusAnonymousUserDataModel type exposes the following members.


Public methodPlusAnonymousUserDataModel
Initializes a new instance of the PlusAnonymousUserDataModel class

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Public fieldStatic memberTEMP_USER_ID

IDataModel realModel = ...;
IDataModel plusModel = new PlusAnonymousUserDataModel(realModel);
var similarity = new LogLikelihoodSimilarity(realModel); // not plusModel

But, you may continue to use

as input to other components. To recommend, first construct and set the temporary user information on the model and then simply call the recommender. The block exists to remind you that this is of course not thread-safe. Only one set of temp data can be inserted into the model and used at one time.

IRecommender recommender = ...;
lock(...) {
  IPreferenceArray tempPrefs = ...;
  recommender.Recommend(PlusAnonymousUserDataModel.TEMP_USER_ID, 10);
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