NReco.CF.Taste.Recommender NamespaceNReco.Recommender Class Library

Public interfaceICandidateItemsStrategy
Used to retrieve all items that could possibly be recommended to the user
Public interfaceIDRescorer
Public interfaceIItemBasedRecommender
Interface implemented by "item-based" recommenders.
Public interfaceIMostSimilarItemsCandidateItemsStrategy
Used to retrieve all items that could possibly be similar
Public interfaceIRecommendedItem
Implementations encapsulate items that are recommended, and include the item recommended and a value expressing the strength of the preference.
Public interfaceIRecommender
Implementations of this interface can recommend items for a user. Implementations will likely take advantage of several classes in other packages here to compute this.
Public interfaceIRescorer T 
A IRescorer simply assigns a new "score" to a thing like an ID of an item or user which a {@link Recommender} is considering returning as a top recommendation. It may be used to arbitrarily re-rank the results according to application-specific logic before returning recommendations. For example, an application may want to boost the score of items in a certain category just for one request.

A [!:IRescorer] can also exclude a thing from consideration entirely by returning

from [!:IRescorer.isFiltered].

Public interfaceIUserBasedRecommender
Interface implemented by "user-based" recommenders.