NReco.CF.Taste.Common NamespaceNReco.Recommender Class Library

Public classAtomicInteger
Public classLogger
Public classLoggerFactory
Public classNoSuchItemException
Public classNoSuchUserException
Public classTasteException
An exception thrown when an error occurs inside the Taste engine.
Public classUtils

Public interfaceIRefreshable
Implementations of this interface have state that can be periodically refreshed. For example, an implementation instance might contain some pre-computed information that should be periodically refreshed. The Refresh(IList IRefreshable ) method triggers such a refresh.

All Taste components implement this. In particular, IRecommenders do. Callers may want to call Refresh(IList IRefreshable ) periodically to re-compute information throughout the system and bring it up to date, though this operation may be expensive.


Public enumerationWeighting
A simple enum which gives symbolic names to the ideas of "weighted" and "unweighted", to make various API calls which take a weighting parameter more readable.