IDataModel GetMaxPreference Method NReco.Recommender Class Library
Get maximum preference value that is possible in the current problem domain being evaluated.

Namespace: NReco.CF.Taste.Model
Assembly: NReco.Recommender (in NReco.Recommender.dll) Version: (

float GetMaxPreference()

Return Value

Type: Single

For example, if the domain is movie ratings on a scale of 1 to 5, this should be 5. While a IRecommender may estimate a preference value above 5.0, it isn't "fair" to consider that the system is actually suggesting an impossible rating of, say, 5.4 stars. In practice the application would cap this estimate to 5.0. Since evaluators evaluate the difference between estimated and actual value, this at least prevents this effect from unfairly penalizing a IRecommender.
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