NReco.PivotData.Output Namespace

NReco.PivotData Class Library Documentation
Writers can convert IPivotTable instance to HTML, CSV, JSON, Excel or DataTable. IPivotData contents can be exported to file or DataSet with star schema.

Public classCubeFileWriter
Implements writer component that saves PivotData (both configuration and aggregated values) into pair of two files (.cfg and .dat)
Public classDataSetStarSchemaWriter
Exports PivotData to DataSet with star schema.
Public classDataSetStarSchemaWriterMappingResult
Public classPivotTableCsvWriter
Renders pivot table report into CSV format.
Public classPivotTableDataTableWriter
Exports pivot table model to ADO.NET DataTable.
Public classPivotTableExcelWriter
Renders pivot table report into Excel format (XLSX).
Public classPivotTableHtmlWriter
Renders pivot table report into HTML format.
Public classPivotTableHtmlWriterKeyCellContext
Represents rendering context for the dimension key (label) cell.
Public classPivotTableHtmlWriterRenderContext
Public classPivotTableHtmlWriterValueCellContext
Represents rendering context for the value cell.
Public classPivotTableJsonWriter
Serializes pivot table data to JSON string.
Public classPivotTableWriterBase
Base class for Pivot Table writers with common rendering options.

Public structurePivotTableExcelWriterBorderContext

Public enumerationPivotTableHtmlWriterRenderDimensionLabelType
Public enumerationPivotTableTotalsPosition
Public enumerationRepeatDimensionKeyType