PdfToImageConverter Properties

NReco.PdfRenderer Class Library Documentation

The PdfToImageConverter type exposes the following members.


Public propertyCustomArgs
Gets or sets any additional command line arguments.
Public propertyDpi
Gets or sets resolution (DPI).
Public propertyEnableAntiAliasing
Gets or sets anti-aliasing flag.
Public propertyEnableVectorAntiAliasing
Gets or sets vector anti-aliasing flag.
Public propertyExecutionTimeout
Get or set maximum execution time for running poppler process (null is by default = no timeout)
Public propertyProcessPriority
Gest or sets poppler tool process priority (Normal by default)
Public propertyScaleTo
Scale to specified value x*y box.
Public propertyTempFilesPath
Get or set location for temp files (if not specified location returned by GetTempPath is used for temp files)
Public propertyToolExeName
Gets or sets poppler tool file name ('pdftoppm.exe' by default)
Public propertyToolPath
Gets or sets path where poppler tool is located
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