HtmlToImageConverter Class

NReco.ImageGenerator (HTML-to-Image) Class Library
Html to Image converter (wrapper for WkHtmlToImage command line tool)
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Namespace:  NReco.ImageGenerator
Assembly:  NReco.ImageGenerator (in NReco.ImageGenerator.dll) Version: (

public class HtmlToImageConverter

The HtmlToImageConverter type exposes the following members.


Public methodHtmlToImageConverter
Create new instance of HtmlToImageConverter.

Public propertyCustomArgs
Get or set custom WkHtmlToImage command line arguments
Public propertyExecutionTimeout
Get or set maximum execution time for running WkHtmlToImage process (null is by default = no timeout)
Public propertyHeight
Get or set minimum image height (default 0: in this case height is calculated automatically)
Public propertyProcessPriority
Get or set WkHtmlToImage process priority (Normal by default)
Public propertyToolPath
Get or set path where WkHtmlToImage tool is located
Public propertyWidth
Get or set minimum image width
Public propertyWkHtmlToImageExeName
Get or set WkHtmlToImage tool executive file name ('wkhtmltoimage.exe' by default)
Public propertyZoom
Get or set zoom factor

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Public methodGenerateImage(String, String)
Generate image by specifed HTML content
Public methodGenerateImage(String, String, Stream)
Generate image by specfied HTML content and write output into output stream
Public methodGenerateImageFromFile(String, String)
Generate image for specified HTML file path or URL
Public methodGenerateImageFromFile(String, String, Stream)
Generate image for specified HTML file or URL and write resulting image to output stream
Public methodGenerateImageFromFile(String, String, String)
Generate image for specified HTML file or URL and write resulting image to output file
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Public eventLogReceived
Occurs when log line is received from WkHtmlToImage process.
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