NReco.Data NamespaceNReco.Data Class Library Documentation
Lightweight high-performance db-independent DAL for .NET Core: SQL commands generation, CRUD operations for POCO models and schema-less structures (dictionary/RecordSet).

Public classCommandParameter
Public classDataReaderResult
Represents IDataReader result that can be mapped to POCO model, dictionary or RecordSet.
Public classDbBatchCommandBuilder
Batch command builder that can produce several SQL statements into one IDbCommand.
Public classDbCommandBuilder
Automatically generates SQL commands for SELECT/INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE queries.
Public classDbCommandBuilderExtensions
Extension methods for IDbCommandBuilder interface.
Public classDbDataAdapter
Data adapter between database and application data models. Implements select, insert, update and delete operations.
Public classDbDataAdapter SelectQuery
Represents select query (returned by Select(Query) method).
Public classDbDataView
Represents application-level read-only data view (complex query that can be queries a table).
Public classDbFactory
Generic IDbFactory implementation that may be used with most ADO.NET Data Providers.
Public classDbSqlExpressionBuilder
Generic implementation of DB-specific SQL expression builder.
Public classExecuteDbCommandException
The exception that is thrown when execution of IDbCommand is failed.
Public classQConditionNode
Public classQConst
Represents query constant.
Public classQField
Represents query field.
Public classQGroupNode
Represents group of nodes combined with logical OR/AND operator
Public classQNegationNode
Represents logical negation operator
Public classQNode
Represents abstract query node that contains child nodes.
Public classQRawSql
Represents raw SQL query value
Public classQRawSqlNode
Public classQSort
Represents query sort option.
Public classQTable
Represents query table information
Public classQuery
Represents abstract data query structure.
Public classQVar
Represents query variable
Public classRecordSet
Represents a set of in-memory data records with the same schema.
Public classRecordSet Column
Represents the schema of a column in a RecordSet.
Public classRecordSet ColumnCollection
Public classRecordSet Row
Represents a row of data in a RecordSet.
Public classRecordSetReader
The RecordSetReader obtains the contents of one RecordSet as form of read-only, forward-only result set.
Public classSqlExpressionBuilder
Generaic SQL expressions builder.
Public classStringTemplate
Conditional string template parser.
Public classStringTemplate TokenResult
Represents token evaluation result.

Public interfaceDbDataAdapter IMapperContext
Public interfaceIDataReaderMapperContext
Represents context for custom DataReaderResult data mapping to POCO models.
Public interfaceIDbCommandBuilder
Automatically generates single-table commands to create-update-delete-retrieve database records.
Public interfaceIDbFactory
Represents factory for creating db-specific ADO.NET component implementations.
Public interfaceIQueryDictionaryResult
Represents query result that can be mapped to dictionary.
Public interfaceIQueryModelResult
Represents query result that can be mapped to POCO model.
Public interfaceIQueryRecordSetResult
Represents query result that can be mapped to RecordSet.
Public interfaceIQueryValue
Marker interface for query values.
Public interfaceIRecordSetAdapter
Represents data adapter between database and RecordSet models.
Public interfaceISqlExpressionBuilder
Represents SQL builder interface.

Public enumerationConditions
Public enumerationQGroupType
Describes the group node types
Public enumerationRecordSet RowState